Everyone can participate in our activities, as long as they have good water skills and are not afraid of water. The description of our descents always indicates the minimum age to participate.

However, always ask for information, because we can organize descents based on the participants’ skills by choosing stretches of river that are age-appropriate.

Rafting 4810 will provide you with all the necessary equipment for the activity.

You will only need to bring your swimsuit with you, to wear under your wetsuit, used sneakers, which can therefore be wet, and what you need to take a shower at the end of the activity.

In case you want to wear underwear, we recommend NOT to use cotton clothing, but of technical material or wool.

Rafting 4810 provides all the technical equipment necessary for the activity: wetsuit, water jacket, life jacket, helmet and paddle.

Children who want to try the rafting experience must be at least 6 years old or be at least 110 cm tall and can only make the descents provided for them.

There is no minimum number of participants for our descents. The dinghies are 6 or 8 places, so if you are few you will be united with other people. If you are a group, you will be boarded on the same boat or on nearby boats.

Meeting at the base one hour before the activity.
Reception (compilation of forms).
Training briefing: to learn navigation and safety techniques.
Shuttle transport to the place of activity.
On the river, review of navigation techniques.
One, two, three: let’s go!
Return to the base.
Hot shower.
Why not? An aperitif with friends!

Rafting is a sport suitable for everyone, even for children.

At our base you will have the opportunity to choose between different descents, each with different characteristics and suitable for various levels of difficulty and age, in complete safety.

The weather conditions do not preclude rafting, as it is a river sport, therefore in close contact with water. Obviously, rafting with the sun is beautiful and pleasant, but rafting with the rain is truly special and suggestive.

However, in case of extreme weather conditions or considered dangerous by our staff or by the guide, the descents can be canceled, so as to always guarantee safety and reliability.

The proposed descents include transport to and from the base, when scheduled, thanks to a shuttle that will follow you along the entire route and take you back to the starting point.

Exciting rafting descents for all ages


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